Please feel welcome to join us for a great adventure!

This blog is part of our class called “Designing Research – Art in the Social Cultural Domain” for the MA Arts & Society at Utrecht University.

Together with the help and critical notes of our instructor Dr. Edward Akintola Hubbard we will take you on a rollercoaster through an exciting experiment of theoretical brainpicking by providing an overview of activities and practical fieldwork we will engage in throughout this course with our hosts Odak and Saskia from LINK!

It is of great importance to briefly introduce ourselves individually. This way you, our beloved reader, will get to form an idea of our location of thought, where we come from, how that locates our thinking through history and what consequences this might have for the links and ideas we provide you with throughout this journey. In the next few days we will all shortly introduce ourselves before we start writing together to you as a group.

Please feel free to comment on, praise or challenge everything we say.

Esther, Christos, Calina & Dorinthe

The cover photo was taken during Patrice Naiambana’s solo show ‘The Man Who Committed Thought’ at Espres­so­bar Ko D’oooooooor, Middelburg, the Netherlands in 2011. This performance was given in connection with the seminar ‘Coloniality, Slavery and the Holocaust: Introducing the Decolonial Option’ at University College Roosevelt.

Patrice Naiambana is the founder of Tribal Soul Arts a platform he created to facilitate his passion for performance for social change.