Christos Alexiou                                                                                                       

The story I am going tell is about a boy who was born in an ancient cultural crossroad. A land with many diversities and a controversial recognition. By the time he remembered himself, he always had a question which accompanied him through his relatively small journey and that question is “Why?” He didn’t have any special attributes or talents, just a love for observation and a need to truly understand what triggered his curiosity. As he grew older he understood that the world is a big place (for his scale) with many different puzzles which he wanted to deconstruct and understand. He cared about how the different pieces were created and reformed the bigger images he used to see.

  That was the moment when our protagonist understood what he had to do. Which path he wanted to follow. Therefore he decided that he needed the theoretical foundations that would enable him to enrich or even encounter occasionally his own perspective. This was the moment when we saw him walking in the University of Patras to study Cultural Heritage Management. The 4 years in this institution were the contributing factor to his involvement in the so-called “magic world of arts”. After many cultural events,  lots of dance shows , million pages ,quite a lot of music shows ,theater plays , movies, some museums and the same question of “why?” we can find him in the Netherlands, studying in the master’s program of Arts and Society at Utrecht University.

If you asked me, I don’t know how this story will continue -the end is predetermined-we will just have to wait and see. Because (his)tory is being written every day.

Esther Beunis                                                                                                              

The difficulty with introducing yourself on paper is that it never seems to accurately reflect who you are. And who am I? And, who is the I asking who am I?

My name was given to me by my parents on july 16, 1991. Ever since, I have been learning to locate myself in a world that is confusing, chaotic, extremely beautiful and utterly painful at the same time. I found my identity to be fluid, and with the arrival of online identities also changeable at any given time. This concerns me and I am struggling with questions related to identity, maybe this is why only weeks after starting this blog I am writing this piece about myself. I am concerned with online representations of the self and I fear that it might at some point take over real experiences, in the sense that the importance of the representation of an experience (on Instagram or Facebook) such as eating ice cream in Italy will be considered more valuable than the experience of eating the ice cream itself.

I like the smell of rain and pine-needles.
My favorite colors are dark green and ocher yellow.

And in case you were wondering, yes I have Instagram. Here’s a snapshot of who I am online.

My passions are diverse and change from time to time. I enjoy working at bars and restaurants and am grateful for all the people I get to meet who bring me food for thought and valuable lessons. I crave good music everyday and am a sucker for 80’s rock.

Calina van der Velden

Introduction. My introduction.

My first steps on the floor.

Making myself known to the other, the invisible spectators in front of me.

The theatre metaphor is not a coincidence, but I am not an actor. I do dance and perform on stage – about twice a year – I do this for fun. I have also researched theatre/performance.

I am moved by all sorts of creative expression, never able to choose. I have taken classes on photography, watercollouring and dance. I love to read, cook, look at interior-design, work with fabric, crocheting, the list could go on and on..

Not surprisingly multidisciplinarity attracts me, philosophy does too.

These are some fragments of who I am, it’s up to you what to make of me.

Calina van der Velden

Dorinthe de Man
Welcome to the story of Dorinthe. But how should that story look like? Probably we start at the beginning, which was in October 1992. From that first day of my life I have been a curious girl, always wanting to know more, and sometimes way too old for my real age. My curiousity has mainly focussed on the fields of history and arts and culture. Not surprisingly that I went to study in that field.

But what is that field of arts and culture anyway. It is changing everyday and challenged by changes in government funding and public opinion. Was it the wrong choice then to pursue an education and eventually a job in this field full of insecurity. To me it’s absolutely worth it, since I got to do what I love. I strongly believe that doing something that you love and feel passionate about is more important than taking the safe road with a guarenteed job in spmething that you don’t like or might even hate.

But hey, back to the story about my life. Besides my education, in my personal time I also spent a lot of time in the cultural field. I visit museums, theatre productions, musicals and sometimes a dance performance. I can also totally loose myself in a book, especially in fantasy books that introduce you to whole new worlds. Like the new cultures and concepts I got to learn in school everyday.

What the future will bring, might be something old or a whole new world. We just have to wait and see.